Truck Management Simplified

Truckers DNA provides the perfect solution for carriers scaling in the trucking industry. Growing your fleet with drivers and owner operators is simplified with our cloud-based dispatching, accounting, and compliance software.

Load Tracker

Truckers DNA cloud based software offers an easy way to manage loads dispatched, delivered, or cancelled anytime, anywhere. It simply tracks and automates load, billing and payout statuses with a click of a button. 

Private Label Dispatching

Both carriers and dispatchers love Truckers DNA because it allows for rate confirmations and pay settlements to be issued with their own carrier’s logo. No more pdf editing. You can dispatch your own rate confirmation to drivers and owner operators without disclosing sensitive broker/customer info. This allows smaller carriers to operate with the look of a mega carrier for a fraction of the cost.


With all your documentation in one place, Truckers DNA makes it easy to create invoices and submit all supporting documentation, i.e., BOL, Scale Tickets, Lumper Receipts, etc. to your factoring company or broker with a click of a button. 

Pay Settlements

Create and customize driver, owner operator, and truck investors pay settlements. Use the Truckers DNA Pay Tracker to calculate settlements by mileage or percentage. Easily manage additional fixed income and deduction items from one single screen.

Escrow Tracker

Manage owner operator weekly escrow deductions and keep track of final balances. Truckers DNA Escrow Tracker makes it simpler than ever to reconcile and reference notes for escrow deductions.

1099 Contractor Reporting

YTD Pay Summaries make it easy to complete your year-end 1099-NEC IRS required filings. Any payment issued to a contractor of $600 or more, requires the carrier to issue a 1099-NEC. What was once a hassle, is now an easy task thanks to reporting capabilities and partner programs of Truckers DNA.

Document & Compliance Management

Stay compliant with simplified load document management. Receive alerts when driver and vehicle compliance requirements are soon to expire, making compliance an easy, inexpensive task to manage .

Multiple MC Management

Dispatch, calculate pay settlements, and manage compliance separately for each carrier. Making it easier than ever to mange your trucking business and freight dispatching company all in one place, under one login! 


Analyze key performance indicators, truck profitability, aging receivables, 1099 contractor reporting and other actionable insights that help you improve efficiencies and profitability.